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While no portfolio can completely showcase one's abilities, and each client's needs are different, below is a small sampling of projects I have worked on.

Mor Furniture Sofa.jpg

This product description is one of several I created for Mor Furniture, a leading home furnishing store in California. The goal was to create benefit-rich product descriptions and instill a desire of ownership.

Cheetos Spec Ad.png

This spec ad was in response to a creative challenge to create a Cheetos sweepstake ad aimed at college students. The challenge required the copywriter name the sweepstake, highlight the benefits of winning a college-long supply of Cheetos products, and include both a call to action and deadline information. 

Avery Equine Abandoned Cart.png

This is an abandoned cart email for an equine supplement client (name changed). The subject line captures interest by teasing a riddle within the email that, if solved, gives the subscriber $10 off. The Preview line lets them know they only have 48 hours to claim the discount. The body then uses the riddle as a reminder of the abandoned item in their cart and again reminds them time is running out to claim their discount.

Avery Equine Pre-Fall Sale.png

An email announcing the upcoming Pre-Fall sale. The email encourages subscribers to stock up on their favorite Avery Equine products during the sale. The "bundles" paragraph connects with the reader by having a common dislike--companies that exclude already discounted bundles in their sales--then positions Avery as the hero who doesn't do that. The email ends with a time-limit reminder and a CTA to

place a large order for the most savings. 

Cozy Plants Quiz Email.png

This spec email is for an online houseplant brand. The email is designed to encourage their subscribers to visit the company's website and take their plant quiz. The results are then emailed to the subscriber as a personalized shopping list of plants suited to their home's lighting and plant preferences. The tone is conversational and uses an online matchmaking analogy designed to connect with the brand's younger, female market. 


This spec Facebook ad is for a popular natural beauty product brand's body lotion. The ad focuses on the benefits of the product--a body lotion that protects you all day without feeling heavy or greasy. The bottom headline promotes the benefit of taking one minute out of your day in return for all day skin protection against dryness

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